Below are the list of readings for the project

1. Media Me: Body and Personal Media Interaction
2. Photo Tourism: Exploring Collections in 3D
3. MediaMetro: Browsing Multimedia Document Collections with a 3d City Metaphor
4. MediaMill: Exploring News Video Archives based on Learned Semantics
5. Quantum TreeMaps and BubbleMaps for zoomable image browser
6. The Family Video Archive: An annotation and browsing environment for home movies
7. VIDSEEK: Dynamic Multi-dimensional browsing of vide3o archives
8. An indexing and browsing system for home video
9. Collages as Dynamic summaries for News Video
10. Interactive Mosaic generation for Video Navigation
11. Mediating Photo Collage Authoring
12. 3WNEWS: Who Where and When in news video
13. Rapid Serial visual presentation techniques for consumer digital video devices
14. An Image and Video search engine for the world wide web
15. Image Mosaics
16. Video Mosaic: Laying out time in physical space
17. Media Mirro
18. Simulating Decorative Mosaics
19. Jigsaw Image Mosaics
20. i.plot

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