Project Overview

Here is a brief description of my project

The purpose of this project is to develop a new type of 3D video browser.
Recently personal content has become popular and we have entered the "YouTube" era.

However browsing and finding video content is still very difficult.

We want to develop a system to
(1) Categorize video
(2) Group and segment video
(3) Browse and Search video in a novel 3D browsing system

This is the description as listed on the FYP Portal

This is how I view the project as

1. Basic Structure
a. Helicopter Vision ( Program attached)
b. 3D world of Videos
- Videos being displayed in a 3D Space
- Videos moving in a random path

2. Working
a. When the user types in the keyword/s, the video tagged with the keyword comes to the forefront
b. Videos having similar tags will be hovering in the background
c. Playing a particular video
d. Switching from one video to another

A very important task is that of making the Videos move in the 3D world as we need to find a way to somehow emulate the motion of videos without taking up much computation power

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